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No-Stabilizer stabilizer post

No-stabilizer people, pay attention!

So, we here at SteadyMaker are all about stabilization, as you may have noticed, and this post is no exception...however, there are times where you want to get steady footage, and you don't have access to a stabilizer (I know, gasp, no stabilizer!) Here are some no-stabilizer tips and tricks!

What can I do without a stabilizer?

One of the fundamental rules of steady, stable shots, is that your body is a source of stabilization. Your body is always going to provide more stable footage than just holding your camera . Having said that, the more points of contact you can provide, the better. For example, two hands on the camera is always more stable than holding the camera one-handed. However, by the same rule, try tucking your elbows in to the sides of your body, flat against each side, from the shoulder down to the elbow. The shooting position may be a little less convenient but your shots will benefit from extra stability, now that you are using your torso as the center of stability.

no-stabilizer? using your tripodIf you have access to a rig, this gives you more points of contact with thetripod as a rig with no-stabilizer body, for example, a well-balanced rig placed on the shoulder, or a bracing rig extension arm from the waist.

No rig? No problem. Try using a tripod. You can use it as a monopod and ground your camera. A cheap mini tripod can be used as a DIY temporary rig. Again, the more points of contact with your body the generally more stable your footage will be. Think of your body as an extension of the rig, you can lean forward, back, twist at the hip, bend at the knee for some shock absorbing capabilities. There are all kinds of interesting shots you can achieve with just your body and the camera.

In the links at the bottom of this article, there are more shot ideas even using your camera strap to add some stabilization. Don't forget, if you are around any objects, you can place your camera on them for super stability.

The main point is; whether you have one of our awesome amazing wonderful stabilizers which are now on sale (plug, plug) (we still have to sell our products you know) or you just have your body and your camera....BE CREATIVE. The technology is just a tool to be able to help you achieve your goals, and your creativity is what will shine in your video, not the tools you use!

Check out more great tips and tricks in the articles below...enjoy your no-stabilizer shooting!




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