Happy New Year! Start the year off RIGHT with our fantastic SteadyMaker Stabilizer, in stock NOW!

New life. New Options. New Possibilities. The SMG EXTREME Upgrade Kit!

Now that our stabilizer lineup has expanded, we wanted to offer our growing customer base more options for their SMG EXTREME. This package is designed as a bridge between the SMG EXTREME and our flagship product, the Mini TANK. It includes some elements that we ship with the Mini TANK, and will expand your shooting options for the SMG.


High quality CNC designed and cut components ensure quality throughout our product.
Lightweight, designed for greater levels of freedom and stability. Shoot your way, on the move, discreetly.
Mini TANK Handlebar and handles included so you can shoot with additional stability, to give you more options for shooting setups.
Handlebar Attachment Clamp, enables the user to attach external accessories to the stabilizer setup.
Mini Tripod Attachment, to enable easier pre-balancing and stabilizer usage during a shoot.

Package comes with:
1. Mini Tripod attachment with lockable ball joint and folding, lockable legs. Can be used to help pre-balancing, and to set the stabilizer down between shoots.
2. Clamp and ball joint/screw thread to enable external accessories to be attached to top handlebar setup.
3. Handles and handlebar attachment for two-handed operation.


Shipping WORLDWIDE is FREE. Checkout is made via Paypal, shipping via DHL Express shipping. Tracking information will be provided. Shipping time is typically between 3 and 14 days.

You can see the accessories included in the following video.

Colour:Black and Silver with Red Trimmings

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