Happy New Year! Start the year off RIGHT with our fantastic SteadyMaker Stabilizer, in stock NOW!

The SteadyMaker SMG PLUS. More operation options, better design. The perfect starter stabilizer kit!


As always, we improve our range based on the needs and usage of our clients, and this is no exception. The SMG PLUS is the evolution of the SMG EXTREME, our popular, most affordable, complete stabilizer solution. We have taken things even further with this release, a host of new operational features and modes, improved design and battery life, and a new handlebar and wired remote included in the package to make your new stabilizer experience even better! Now is a great time to join the stabilizer revolution.

As always, it comes complete with a secure, lockable, padded transport case, and multiple accessories. Take steady further with SteadyMaker!


High quality CNC designed and cut components ensure quality throughout our product.
Lightweight, designed for greater levels of freedom and stability. Shoot your way, on the move, discreetly.
UNIQUE REAR ARM SETUP Our new rear-arm and motor design on the stabilizer allows for less obstruction for greater camera access and visibility.
NEW operational modes.We now have a unique ‘Time-Lapse’ panning mode, and also a ‘freeze’ mode to hold the camera in almost any position, plus a yaw/roll ‘swap’ mode.
Multiple control options, including a thumb mounted joystick on the handle rear, and a wired remote controller for more stabilizer usage options.
New adjustable cradle mount means that you can now use your own baseplate for easy switching between the stabilizer and other camera setups such as a tripod or rig.
New accessories include a detachable mini tripod for easy pre-balancing and setting down your stabilizer between takes.
Handlebar and handles included. These handles are removable if needed to replace with your own, for multiple mounting options.
Stabilizer can be stored in a secure, padded, lockable case, included in the purchase, for easy storage and secure, safe transportation.
CHARGE TIMES: 3 x 26350 2000mah rechargeable lithium ion batteries, 2-3 hrs until full charge, holds a charge for approx. 3 hrs.

Further Specs:
1 – All CNC aluminum made
2 – Fit for DSLR or Digital Camera weight from 500g to 2500g.
3 – Camera space up to 190mm long, 220mm wide and 200mm high.
4 – 5 Mode operation selection, plus inverted use.
5 – Joystick control pan/tilt functionality.
6 – Working angle : yaw 320° pitch ±90
7 – Special design rear arm angle for camera monitor view.
8 – Measurement gauge built in to stabilizer to help with pre-balancing.

Package comes with:
1. 3-Axis handheld stabilizer.
3. Battery charger.
4. 3 x 26350 2000mah rechargeable lithium ion batteries.
5. Remote Joystick Controller with handlebar attachment, and charger.
6. Handles and handlebar attachment for two-handed operation.
7. Mini-Tripod for balancing and placement when not in use.
8. Base plate for stabilizer cradle.
9. Lockable, padded case for secure and easy transport


Before purchase, check out our shipping / return policy HERE. We will bill you separately for shipping after the product has been purchased. SHIPPING IS 55 USD Worldwide, secure and trackable via DHL. PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT ship to SOUTH AMERICA and AFRICA until further notice. This may be subject to change in future.Checkout is made via Paypal, shipping via DHL Express shipping. Tracking information will be provided. Shipping time is typically between 3 and 14 days.

PLEASE NOTE: Some locations (outside the USA) are known as ‘Remote Shipping Locations’ via DHL. In order to find out if your location is ‘remote’ please consult the following link: http://raslist.dhl.com/jsp/first.jsp. If your location is ‘remote’, we will charge an additional 20USD, billed via PayPal after your stabilizer purchase, as these locations are more expensive to ship to than ‘regular’ shipping destinations. To be sure, please check out the above link before purchase.


Size:Small to Mid range digital cameras and DSLR setups

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