Happy New Year! Start the year off RIGHT with our fantastic SteadyMaker Stabilizer, in stock NOW!

A great addition for the serious stabilizer user, this vest support system has multiple benefits for integration with our Tank PLUS unit.

First, for long shoots, this takes the weight from the operator, enabling longer and more controlled shoots without needing to worry about supporting the weight of your chosen setup, and losing operational control and accuracy over time with the onset of tiredness. Stay stronger for longer.

Second, it adds additional stabilization to your setup, thanks to a unique double suspension system built into the pack, minimizing further the potential up and down bounce that comes from walking/running with the rig. The ULTIMATE in long-duration, smooth shooting setups.


Easy to set up, folds away into itself for transport.
Built-in suspension to minimize movement, via a hydraulic support system on the sides, and spring-loaded mount connector for the stabilizer.
Durable, designed to support weights from 1-8kg, enough for any setup.
Adjustable; designed to suit different frames, and different cable tensions. Can be configured for different setups easily
Takes the weight, allows you to shoot for longer, and with complete control.

Package comes with:
Backpack, crane, steel cable, and multiple adjustment points.
Self contained for easy setup and transportation



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Dimensions:Height: 92cms, Width: 59cms, Depth: 45cms
Size:Support and stabilize weights from 1-8kg.

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