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SMG EXTREME 32-Bit Stabilizer REVIEW!

Our first official review! Thanks to our user Michael. Send him some love and go subscribe to his channel here:

SteadyMaker Note

The profile saving that is mentioned at 42 seconds into the video is done via SimpleBGC. This is the interface software to further tweak and adjust the settings/balance of your stabilizer. You can use it via bluetooth with a tablet/computer/phone to communicate with the stabilizer, and also control it remotely, but ONLY USE if you are comfortable with the software and feel confident, or if you really need to adjust your settings, as you can easily make your setup worse, and ALWAYS SAVE the factory settings before doing anything else.



This review has been done as a part of our review/rebate program. We offer a 60USD rebate, after purchase, in exchange for a video review of our product. We are not offering money for a positive review, the financial rebate is offered to customers who have legitimately bought their stabilizer as an incentive to assess our products, and to compensate a little for the time taken to review the item. We encourage fair, honest, and balanced reviews.
For more information on the terms and conditions, please check out the following post:
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