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July, 2016

  • SMG EXTREME 32-Bit Stabilizer REVIEW!

    Our first official review! Thanks to our user Michael. Send him some love and go subscribe to his channel here:

    SteadyMaker Note

    The profile saving that is mentioned at 42 seconds into the video is done via SimpleBGC. This is the interface software to further tweak and adjust the settings/balance of your stabilizer. You can use it via bluetooth with a tablet/computer/phone to communicate with the stabilizer, and also control it remotely, but ONLY USE if you are comfortable with the software and feel confident, or if you really need to adjust your settings, as you can easily make your setup worse, and ALWAYS SAVE the factory settings before doing anything else.



    This review has been done as a part of our review/rebate program. We offer a 60USD rebate, after purchase, in exchange for a video review of our product. We are not offering money for a positive review, the financial rebate is offered to customers who have legitimately bought their stabilizer as an incentive to assess our products, and to compensate a little for the time taken to review the item. We encourage fair, honest, and balanced reviews.
    For more information on the terms and conditions, please check out the following post:
    If you are interesting in submitting your own product assessment, please email us at steadymakerhelp@gmail.com

    Origional here:

    Don’t forget to check out our full range of stabilizers in our store HERE:

  • The SteadyMakers Profile: Moviemotion

    Another in our series of profile interviews with creators.

    Hi, we are Moviemotion; a young, creative group of passionate filmmakers who have gathered lots of experience when it comes to image creation & promotional videos. Our company is located in a town called Aachen, a town in the west of Germany.

    Moviemotion Profile Interview

    When did you start becoming interested in DSLR videography?

    21010006_1About a year ago, DSLR videography caught our attention. The main reason for that was probably that those pictures were now able to be captured with only a portable camera and a small number of accessories, and there is a large range of creative options to deliver a message to clients, for example creating emotion, impressing or even inspiring others.


    What is the best/worst aspect of your job?

    SMG Extrem.Standbild003_1The best part of our job is that you are allowed to let your creativity run wild, in most cases.

    Yeah, sure there are some rules, but those won’t shrink our options.

    About the worst aspect, there isn’t that much that is a negative; perhaps the fact, that we have to work a lot to achieve the goal we are longing for, but those extra hours are the price you have to pay if you really want to be successful in a job you love doing.


    Describe the differences/challenges when working on your type of videography?

    _DSC5007_1The major challenge we have to face in the fast-paced world that we live in is that you have to keep convincing clients that professional level film-making is still needed, even though they think that only a budget handycamera is able to get the same result you would usually get if you work with a DSLR.

    You often have to explain why the quality of our videos are better, and it is a challenge to justify it.



    How do you incorporate the SteadyMaker Stabilizer in your shoots?

    This one is easy to answer; we use it in almost every shoot that requires some kind of dynamic movement, since it is really helpful to catch smooth looking pictures or videos.

    It also helps a lot, when it comes to stabilizing the camera movement.


    Any shooting tips or tricks for using the stabilizer?

    Learn how to walk in duck-like steps, train it → improve it! 😉

    (Editors’ note – we have a tutorial video talking about how to move with the stabilizer…check it out HERE)


    What do you hope to achieve in the future?

    We want to create movies that change our society and the whole world making it a better place to live in, by moving each and every person to maybe want them to become a better person or inspire them to do something bigger.

    Check out more examples of Moviemotion on their youtube channel HERE or by keeping posted to their latest news on their Facebook Page. Stay tuned for more SteadyMaker Profiles in future on our website!

  • The SteadyMakers Profiles: Histibe

    Histibe is a Ukrainian audio-visual artist, video director and music producer with over 10 years of experience behind a number of various digital art projects. He’s also the owner of Vimeo and Webby-award winning creative label Mask Movement. His projects have been published on a number of popular platforms such as Complex, UKF, Designcollector, JAY Z’s Life+Times and Dezeen. Currently Histibe and his team has a strong list of clients and collaborators both from the video and music world, including Steady Maker, Lensbaby, Glide Gear, M-Audio, Loopmasters, Arturia, Waves Audio and more.


    When did you start becoming interested in DSLR/SLR videography?

    Photo_003I’ve always loved movies, but I became interested in video production in 2011, when I needed to shoot music videos for tracks from my album “Take the Form“. At that time I was in the role of Creative Director: I needed to find the right video director and give him some direction and creative freedom but lead him in this direction during the creative process in terms of quality and mood. During this time we made 6 music videos with various video directors from Italy, Germany, Portugal, The Netherlands and The United States. In the latest promo trailer for “Meant to Believe” I also created 50% of the video, including 3D animation. The main idea was to have a wide range of creative minds from different countries and exchange experiences. After years of experience, in 2015, I decided to create my own fully directed videos mixing elements of my camera footage with modern VFX and 3D animation. The result is the music video for “0000”. This is what I call abstract expressionism with elements of cinematography and contemporary computer graphics. In fact, 50% of the video was shot using the SMG 3-axis video stabilizer from Steady Maker.


    What is the best/worst aspect of your job?

    I guess the worst is that you have only 24 hours in a day. That’s why you need to plan your time ahead carefully. Keep in mind that I do everything myself, including role of DoP, Cameraman, Colorist, Producer and more these days. But this is why I want to tell people: “This is my video. Here’s my work. Check it!” I have some ideas and I really want to express myself this way. However, sometimes you can find yourself bored with video montages or after extra editing and post-production. But on the other hand it gives you some experience and inspiration for future work. At the end of the day — the best thing is the result; the final product is the main thing! It gives me the happiness of self-expression and the ability to share my vision with the world.


    Describe the differences/challenges when working on your type of videography?

    My type of videography is abstract and extraordinary. I guess my style is modern surrealism? Another weirdo? However, I still want to follow some classic video rules. For me, the modern classic types are Luc Besson, Quentin Tarantino and Alejandro González. I guess the main challenge is to create a film on the same level and represent a new generation of young people at the same time.


    How do you incorporate the SteadyMaker Stabilizer in to your shoots?

    Photo_002The SteadyMaker SMG stabilizer is a great affordable tool for any dynamic shots where you need compact equipment. You can take it on the trip and use it on location. There’s a few different shooting options on the SMG EXTREME model… with one main handle or two detachable handles for extra stability which is great in case if you need some different options. The best way is to check out my behind the scenes video where you will find some examples of work below…


    Any shooting tips or tricks for using the stabilizer?

    I had a chance to make small extra tuning to the stabilizer via Bluetooth and SimpleBGC with help of alocal engineer. But only some small adjustments. The best tip: if you don’t know how to set up your stabilizer on a software level — don’t do this, better to find a local professional who you will help to make it right. When you are running like crazy on the shoot with a stabilizer and camera — some screws may need extra attention and fixing in the end. It’s not only the case of this particular stabilizer. Any equipment needs а proper attitude and extra attention sometimes. Also, I’d recommend to use the carrying case that comes with stabilizer for transportation, it will be much safer for the gear. Everything else is totally up to you in terms of creativity. Watch your favorite film and try to reproduce similar camera movements. Try to start with ‘follow mode’, using a wide-angle lens and keep moving forward with your ideas.


    What do you hope to achieve in the future?

    The future is bright and we all hope for the best!  Personally I want to create new videos using SteadyMaker with more crazy shots, but if I tell you all the details now  — I might lose the impact. So let’s just keep working. There are a lot of projects and ideas behind Mask Movement nowadays, including video, art and music. I’d recommend to follow us on your social media. There you will find all our exclusive news first. Once again, I’d like to say thanks to SteadyMaker for providing their gear. This cooperation is a good example of a positive creative exchange. So let’s think more about how to help each other. Let’s inspire each other and let’s make our future better together.


    This has been the second in a series of articles about ‘The SteadyMakers’ – The people who use our stabilizers, and give them a platform to talk about their work. If you want to be considered for a future feature about how you use your stabilizer in your work, and to showcase your talents, drop me a line at steadymakerhelp@gmail.com. I would love to feature your work!


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