Eliminate the Bounce! Grab our new BOB BUSTER HANDLES, compatible with almost any gimbal stabilizer, available NOW...

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    Lots of exciting things have been happening here at SteadyMaker!

    Here is a round-up of all the important news and happenings going on with us lately…


    We have released two new items this month, the BOB BUSTER Handles and the SMG COMBO Kit.


    The principle behind these handles are simple, a spring-loaded set of handles, using the technology established from the original stabilizer invention. The reason for these handles is to eliminate more extreme movements that often happen during stabilizer use; especially the ‘bob’, or up and down bounce motion resulting from running, climbing stairs, or other movements during stabilizer use. No more need for post production smoothing, or extra stabilization! The great thing about these handles is they can be adjusted for multiple setups and weight loads, and they are compatible with almost ALL gimbals available on the market! Even top handle gimbals like DJI Ronin, or Came TV gimbals can be used with our handles, with a small adapter that we include in the shippment! You can even use the handles on their own with a DSLR/Digital Camera to give great basic stabilization for smaller portable shoots.

    Don’t take our word for it, check out some comparison footage from our fantastic talented reviewer, Julian Iszovics (https://www.instagram.com/julian_iso/)



    If you are interested in a complete stabilization solution package, we are offering the SMG P2, our premium stabilizer setup, combined with the power and flexibility of the BOB BUSTER Handles.

    A whole host of features, from InfraRed camera control/support (see the full list of supported cameras on our product page HERE) to timelapse, and a wired remote controller for extra movement options. With the addition of the handles, this gives you an unbeatable stabilization package, at a great price, including shipping. (Seriously, shop around, you would find it hard to beat our pricing with the stabilizer, handles, and shipping included).



    For the first time in our company history, we are offering OEM/Wholesale for our BOB BUSTER HANDLES. Over the years, we have had many inquiries from interested people all over the world wanting to set up local distribution points. We hear you! We are offering VERY ATTRACTIVE DISCOUNTS for bulk purchases, which means there are plenty of opportunities for a good profit for potential worldwide resellers.

    If you want to join the SteadyMaker family, and grab a slice of our growing market, now is your chance! Contact us as soon as possible, the early adopters will get a bigger share of the worldwide market. We believe strongly in the potential for the BOB BUSTER Handles as they are compatible with almost all stabilizer gimbal setups out there, and can be used without the need of a gimbal, so there is huge potential for selling here!

    To find out prices and details, please email steadymakerhelp@gmail.com as soon as you can!


    We are proud to be releasing our latest upgrade to our SteadyMaker family…the SMG PLUS.

    Over time, we listened to our valuable clients’ feedback, and we have tweaked and upgraded the SMG EXTREME, packed with ALL NEW features, including:

    This is our most competitively priced, feature packed stabilizer yet! We are adding components, such as:

    A mini-tripod mount for pre-balancing and setting the stabilizer down between shoots.

    We have created a central handlebar attachment and handlebars in one component to reduce construction time and make setup even more simple.

    We are eliminating the use of tools to make it easy for anybody to set up their stabilizer ready-to-run.

    New, exclusive operational modes, such as a time-lapse feature….imagine the creative possibilities that open up now, introducing a smooth-panning long exposure take to your footage.

    Now including a wired remote controller for easier operation.


    All these fantastic features, and MORE

    The best feature yet….no price increase! We are keeping it the same price as our previous model, but adding a whole host of new features and accessories.  We believe this is the most competitively priced, complete stabilizer solution, and it is a fantastic introduction to the world of stabilizer shooting.




  • Price Discount! Extreme Upgrade! Summer is here!

    Ok….so, summer isn’t quite here…..but we are not a company to sit on our hands and wait around. It’s discount time!

    Deals Galore!

    Now that we have launched our premiere stabilizer, the Mini TANK we wanted to give our growing customer base more chances to shoot in new, unique ways. People all over the world are using our products in ever-more innovative ways, and as our entry-level stabilizer, the SMG EXTREME is still proving a popular item, we wanted to give our customers more ways to use their product. We introduced some great new items in the Mini TANK package, and these items can also help our SMG clients shoot in different ways.

    We are offering a new UPGRADE KIT for the SMG EXTREME that include 3 items for more shooting options and use for the SMG. These products are a MINI TRIPOD STAND that allow for easier pre-balancing, and enable customers to safely put their stabilizer down between shots. The tripod is small and portable, with folding lockable legs and a locking ball joint that enable more shooting options. It can also be used with other accessories, or attached directly to your camera for usage in situations where a portable setup is a priority!

    The second accessory is the all-new THREE HANDLES and HANDLEBAR SETUP that we supply with the Mini Tank as standard. This adds an extra central handle that gives the operator more options for stable usage, especially in inverted mode, and can be attached in different positions to the main handle for more choices in operation.

    Finally, we are offering a SECURE CLAMP and ball joint to enable you to attach accessories to your top handlebar. Shoot with the addition of a mic, a light, monitor, or any other accessories you need during shooting!

    The best news of all…..you can get all of these accessories for the great price of 90USD with FREE SHIPPING!


    Speaking of great prices….

    We are announcing a significant price drop on our entire range of stabilizers! Now is a great time to order ether our Mini TANK or the SMG EXTREME at our lowest ever prices. Remember, it is only ordering through our official web store that you receive this discount and our personalized pre-balancing and customer support service. We are offering a fantastic 60USD DISCOUNT on our Mini TANK, and an amazing 120USD DISCOUNT on our SMG EXTREME. Grab a stabilizer today at these lowest-ever prices!

    Summer is coming….now is the perfect time to grab a great deal! Happy shooting….


  • Mini Tank Announcement!

    After months of hard work and preparation, and some great feedback from some of our worldwide customers, we are proud to launch our latest premium stabilizer, the MINI TANK. This stabilizer comes with encoded motors ensuring better battery life, and more stable shooting, and comes complete with a wireless remote to allow multiple control options, and an extensive top handlebar section for inverted use.

    There are a number of upgrades, improvements and differences between this and our older top of the range stabilizer, the Tank PLUS, which it is designed to replace, and also some similarities and differences between our other current stabilizer, the SMG EXTREME. The following video will give you a little more information about both our current stabilizers in order to decide which is best for you.

    There are now more ways to use the stabilizer during shooting, such as a unique ‘freeze’ mode where you can lock your camera in any position and hold it there during shooting, which gives for some interesting shooting options, and a mode that switches the roll and yaw functionality. The wireless remote allows a second operator to pull off some complex moves while you just worry about smooth stabilizer use during a take.

    It is a fantastic new addition to the SteadyMaker family!

    the mini tank

    In order to celebrate the launch of the stabilizer, we are giving an exclusive launch price for the first 30 days!

    If you order anytime until March 7th, the Mini Tank is yours for $640USD, a savings of $40 off the regular price! Worldwide shipping is an additional 70USD, secure, fast, and trackable, via DHL.

    SMG EXTREME USERS…we have not forgotten about you! Stay tuned very soon as we also have an exciting new product accessory launch that will improve the use of your stabilizer!

    Buy one TODAY

    We are creating some exciting content, behind the scenes footage, and MORE to share with you very soon with our global partners, so stay tuned for more announcements over the next few weeks to celebrate the launch of our latest and greatest stabilizer, the MINI TANK.



  • SMG EXTREME 32-Bit Stabilizer REVIEW!

    Our first official review! Thanks to our user Michael. Send him some love and go subscribe to his channel here:

    SteadyMaker Note

    The profile saving that is mentioned at 42 seconds into the video is done via SimpleBGC. This is the interface software to further tweak and adjust the settings/balance of your stabilizer. You can use it via bluetooth with a tablet/computer/phone to communicate with the stabilizer, and also control it remotely, but ONLY USE if you are comfortable with the software and feel confident, or if you really need to adjust your settings, as you can easily make your setup worse, and ALWAYS SAVE the factory settings before doing anything else.



    This review has been done as a part of our review/rebate program. We offer a 60USD rebate, after purchase, in exchange for a video review of our product. We are not offering money for a positive review, the financial rebate is offered to customers who have legitimately bought their stabilizer as an incentive to assess our products, and to compensate a little for the time taken to review the item. We encourage fair, honest, and balanced reviews.
    For more information on the terms and conditions, please check out the following post:
    If you are interesting in submitting your own product assessment, please email us at steadymakerhelp@gmail.com

    Origional here:

    Don’t forget to check out our full range of stabilizers in our store HERE:

  • Latest Upgrades…..and a Word of Warning

    Tweaks and upgrades to our stabilizer line-up to report!

    20160408_103322A minor upgrade to our Tank PLUS wired and wireless remote versions now adds a removable top handle and handlebar with our easy attachment screws. This means the entire top section can be removed leading to more mounting options for your stabilizer while retaining the yaw gimbal motor. What does this mean? Well, easier balance in the yaw axis,because the top section can be moved around, for a start. Also brings up potential for remounting on to other top mounts….hmmmm….I would be interested to see what the community comes up with, after utilizing the potential of this upgrade:)


    Secondly, a community warning. In case anyone is wondering, SteadyMaker.net is the only official authorized SteadyMaker store outside of China. This does not nessecarily mean that you cannot buy your SteadyMaker products elsewhere, they are also available in Chinese territory online stores such as AliExpress…HOWEVER….steadymaker.net is the ONLY place you will find free shipping to most of the world, plus our premium product customer support is included in your purchase. Therefore, I STRONGLY ADVISE our potential customers to shop through our official online store.

    Recently, I was made aware, through Facebook, via a potential client, about a purchase through an Italian Online store. I will not link to the store in this post, as I do not want to draw unnessecary attention to it, but from our perspective, it looks like a fake store. That is to say, they do not actually carry any of our items, despite advertising them for sale. This is likely a rip-off. Again, unless you are based in Asia, I advise only buying our products through steadymaker.net.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at steadymakerhelp@gmail.com.

    Look out in the near future for more exciting videos and SteadyMaker creator profiles!

  • The EVO Evolves….Now it is EXTREME.

    Our lineup expands!

    smg+20160323_102947More improvements to our handheld stabilizer dictated a name change, but the base of the SMG EVO remains the same. A handheld, 32-bit stabilizer, that’s ready-to-run. So, what has improved since the SMG EVO?

    The battery pack is now comprised of 3×1865 rechargable batteries (the same kind found in some flashlights and similar gadgets) enclosed in an easy-to-remove pack in the handle. These batteries are easy to find, so if you want additional batteries for longer operational time, it’s not a problem. We ship it with a charger, so now they can be swapped out and charged while you are shooting for extended use.

    The gimbal motors are now updated and improved for more accurate steady operation.

    The pre-balance and adjustment is now easier and tool-free with easy-to-adjust screws on all gimbal supports.

    All the benefits have been retained from the SMG EVO, like our removable handlebar attachment, so you can make your stabilizer even more steady!

    Check out the SMG EXTREME and more in our shop HERE.


    194In addition to our new improved stabilizer, we are now releasing the handlebar attachment as an exclusive accessory. This is a super-cheap introduction to the world of stabilization, or an attachment that can be combined with multiple rig setups for additional flexibility. Most importantly, worldwide shipping is FREE.

    Don’t forget, we are offering a 60USD rebate for our stabilizers if you make a youtube video review of them!
    The terms and conditions are as follows:
    If you have a youtube channel, we want to see a Steadymaker review…show us your stabilizer in action, share some tips and tricks, give us an honest review and assessment of our product line. If you create a video and send us the youtube link we will offer you a $60USD rebate via Paypal once we recieve your review.

    Not only that, but we will feature your video on our social media network and increase your video exposure and reach!

    In order to qualify, your video must include footage of the stabilizer in action, both shots of it in use, and shots from the camera in the stabilizer. It must feature a review of the stabilizer, including feedback. If your review is negative, that’s ok with us, as long as the critique is constructive and you offer some feedback and ways to improve it, for future versions. Please make it at least 5 minutes in length, and allow us to be able to use your footage and share it on our website and social media. (Review must be in English, please)

    We welcome creativity, and encourage utilizing your stabilizer in interesting, unique, and exciting ways…it doesn’t have to be a standard review…perhaps as a part of a narrative short film, perhaps something from a live event…the possibilities are endless…


    Speaking of videos, we are always looking for footage of our stabilizer family in action. There is nothing better than seeing what creative work you guys come up with. If you purchase a stabilizer and use it in one of your videos, why not drop us a line? We will feature your video on our social media network, and add it to ‘The SteadyMakers’ playlist on our youtube channel. For example, here is a fantastic TV ad about to be shown on Australian TV showing our handheld SMG in use. Imagine what you could do with a stabilizer!


  • The state of the union…

    Lots of news and exciting developments to report about SteadyMaker in early 2016, so let’s get right to it!

    103Firstly, we are expanding our product range! Now we offer a cellphone stabilizer, to complete our steady lineup, offering stabilization options right from your pocket smartphone, all the way up to heavier cameras such as The BlackMagic 2.5k Cinema Camera. That covers a huge range of stabilizer options. Our cellphone stabilizer is very easy to setup and use and offer the same great stabilization for mobile coverage. If your priority is stabilization anywhere, anytime, this is for you, and it’s a fantastically affordable option for vloggers.


    TB2QqE_gXXXXXbYXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!752673632We are launching accessories for our stabilizers, beginning with a vest/backpack support system for our premium stabilizer, the Tank PLUS. The benefits are that the gear takes the weight from long shoots, enabling more accuracy over a longer period of time, taking the stress from the camera operator. Also, the biggest issue with 3-axis stabilizers is how to minimize the up and down ‘bounce’ that you sometimes see when walking/running with one. If you check our video tutorials, we discuss techniques to minimize this, but with the addition of this vest support system, operation becomes even smoother! For all the details, check out both items in our online store.

    Price Changes

    To celebrate the launch of these items, we are slashing shipping charges to most of the world! Same fast shipping, trackable, via DHL, but now FREE to North America, Europe, Australia and Asia! There is no better time to order a stabilizer.

    The Future

    More exciting things on the horizon….we can’t reveal too much, but there are a few special creative collaborations coming up. Our goal has always been to establish a community of talented people who can really put our products through their paces, and use them in unique, innovative ways, to showcase the world of stabilization and inspire others. Our more attentive audience might have already noticed a couple of videos by a fantastic Parkour team from Australia, BNE Parkour. This is the first in a series of videos from them using our SMG line of stabilizers, showing what can be done with it.

    Look out for a more in-depth interview in an up-coming blog, about how they utilized the stabilizer and incorporated it into their dynamic routines.

    We are adding videos to our youtube playlist ‘The SteadyMakers‘ showcasing our clients worldwide and how they use their stabilizers in their projects. For example, check out this powerful piece on bullying, and the effect it has on people.

    If you own one of our products, email or message us with your work, we would love to feature it on our channel and social media! Also, don’t forget, if you review our product, you will be entitled to a 60USD rebate! For more, check out our post HERE.

    Look for more collaborations in the not-too-distant future.

    Also, coming up, more upgrades and improvements to our stabilizer lineup….things are just getting started in the world of SteadyMaker…


  • An early Xmas present…The SMG EVO

    The seasons holidays are in full effect, but that doesn’t mean we are taking it easy…in fact, we are adding to our lineup by bringing back our portable stabilizer, with some new improvements.

    The SMG EVO (Formerly the SMG 3000)…so, what has changed?

    The battery pack is now a part of the stabilizer system, so it is one less external component to worry about in the setup and operation.

    We have included at no extra charge, a handlebar and handles setup, so you can attach to the stabilizer and operate in inverted mode for additional stability when needed.

    Cables are now better protected and resessed into the stabilizer design for better protection and flexibility.

    There is a spirit level in the base for better balancing of your setup.

    The gimbal motors have been upgraded for better stability.

    The overall design is more streamlined, with a better handle and support structure.

    Best of all, the price is UNCHANGED. Upgrades and improvements with no increase in costs!


    Seasonal deals are still ON

    Don’t forget about our price discounts during the month of december, and check out our fanastic bundles….there is limited supplies, and only a few weeks left to snap up these great offers before 2016! Check out our shop for more information…

  • December Deals, Monitor Bundles, and MORE…

    Cyber Monday is here…but why stop there?

    We are making the world’s most affordable stabilizer packages even MORE affordable this month. For the month of December (while stocks last) until the 31st, we are offering great discounts on our 32-bit Tank PLUS, with discounts on both the joystick controller, and wireless remote editions.


    If you were on the fence about purchasing a stabilizer, there is no better time than this to snap up our best ever price!

    Stabilizer and HDMI Monitor – The perfect match.

    The December deals don’t just stop with discounts….we are now offering a unique bundle package…our Tank PLUS options now come complete with a 7-inch widescreen HDMI monitor, the Aputure VS-1 V-Screen 7″ IPS Field Monitor. It is the perfect entry-level monitor to pair up with your stabilizer and camera setup, to maximize your shot viewing potential from any angle. With our top-handlebar attachment, it is easy to fix on to the stabilizer, and can be used directly on your DSLR setup for any shooting situation!

    You won’t find a cheaper package deal anywhere else.

    Steadymaker Tank PLUS with Wireless Remote + HDMI Monitor – $760

    Steadymaker Tank PLUS with Joystick Control + HDMI Monitor – $700

    Better still, the shipping price is UNCHANGED from our other packages. This pricing means that for only $20 more than our previous Tank PLUS w. Joystick control, you get a 7″ field monitor in the package!

    What about the SMG3000?

    Don’t worry, our handheld stabilizer has not been discontinued! We have completely SOLD OUT of our first run of this item, but we are in the middle of extensive tweaking and upgrading of components, and we will soon have news of the SMG3000, V.2. We are planning some improvements to the form and functionality for the next generation of handheld stabilization. Stay tuned for updates!

    Become a Steady-Maker

    Our philosophy from the beginning has been that we want to encourage a community of filmmakers, to share tips, tricks, and stabilizer information. We are always listening to our customers, and a request we often recieve is to review our product on social media, so we have decided to offer the following incentive.

    If you have a youtube channel, we want to see a Steadymaker review….show us your stabilizer in action, share some tips and tricks, give us an honest review and assessment of our product line. If you create a video and send us the youtube link we will offer you a $60USD rebate via Paypal once we recieve your review. Imagine the extra savings you can make in combination with our December discounts, you could save BIG.

    Not only that, but we will feature your video on our social media network and increase your video exposure and reach!

    In order to qualify, your video must include footage of the stabilizer in action, both shots of it in use, and shots from the camera in the stabilizer. It must feature a review of the stabilizer, including feedback. If your review is negative, that’s ok with us, as long as the critique is constructive and you offer some feedback and ways to improve it, for future versions. Please make it at least 5 minutes in length, and allow us to be able to use your footage and share it on our website and social media.

    We welcome creativity, and encourage utilizing your stabilizer in interesting, unique, and exciting ways…it doesn’t have to be a standard review…perhaps as a part of a narrative short film, perhaps something from a live event….the possibilities are endless…

    Coming SOON…

    Speaking of collaborations…stay tuned this month for something special…taking our stabilizer to NEW HEIGHTS…


    Watch this space….

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