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  • Our Stabilizer Family Grows!

    Previously, we launched the Bob Buster Handles, a fantastic tool to further improve DSLR stabilizer operation. These mechanical handles reduce the up and down ‘bounce’ that stabilizers have a problem isolating. Due to the march of technology, people are embracing more and more portable filmmaking setups, so we wanted to expand our stabilization options to include the world of cellphone videography.

    The following are a couple of more recent notable examples of cellphone moviemaking



    The Director of ‘Unsane’ Steven Soderbergh (who directed such big budget movies as ‘Oceans Eleven’ and ‘Magic Mike’ has even gone as far to say that he would not go back to using traditional movie cameras again when making new works. Unseen was shot on an iPhone and Tangerine, shot on an iPhone 5s!

    In the spirit of embracing this relatively new wave in filmmaking, we wanted to further improve the stabilization options for cellphones, and we are proud to introduce the BOB-M Handle with Tactical Attachment.

    The principle behind this handle is the same as our Bob Buster….a mechanical, spring loaded handle that dampens the bouncing motion while operating cellphone stabilizers. With the lighter weight of these setups, the bounce is even more prominent, so this is a fantastic accessory to your mobile filmmaking arsenal to produce smoother, more professional looking footage.

    It is designed to work with almost all commercially available cellphone stabilizers, working with handle sizes from 2-5cms, and weight setups from 400-1300g, enough to cover many different situations. It comes with a ‘tactical attachment’ which enables two handed operation, and doubles as a secure tripod mount to use between shots. The handle is adjustable, and the spring tension can be changed to personal taste. In addition, there are multiple screw threads to enable more accessories to be added to your setup, such as a light, or microphone mount.


    It’s an affordable, versatile, portable addition to any budding filmmakers’ mobile filmmaking toolkit.

    Check out our sample footage video below, shot in and around Hong Kong, for some smooth moves!



    Lots of exciting things have been happening here at SteadyMaker!

    Here is a round-up of all the important news and happenings going on with us lately…


    We have released two new items this month, the BOB BUSTER Handles and the SMG COMBO Kit.


    The principle behind these handles are simple, a spring-loaded set of handles, using the technology established from the original stabilizer invention. The reason for these handles is to eliminate more extreme movements that often happen during stabilizer use; especially the ‘bob’, or up and down bounce motion resulting from running, climbing stairs, or other movements during stabilizer use. No more need for post production smoothing, or extra stabilization! The great thing about these handles is they can be adjusted for multiple setups and weight loads, and they are compatible with almost ALL gimbals available on the market! Even top handle gimbals like DJI Ronin, or Came TV gimbals can be used with our handles, with a small adapter that we include in the shippment! You can even use the handles on their own with a DSLR/Digital Camera to give great basic stabilization for smaller portable shoots.

    Don’t take our word for it, check out some comparison footage from our fantastic talented reviewer, Julian Iszovics (



    If you are interested in a complete stabilization solution package, we are offering the SMG P2, our premium stabilizer setup, combined with the power and flexibility of the BOB BUSTER Handles.

    A whole host of features, from InfraRed camera control/support (see the full list of supported cameras on our product page HERE) to timelapse, and a wired remote controller for extra movement options. With the addition of the handles, this gives you an unbeatable stabilization package, at a great price, including shipping. (Seriously, shop around, you would find it hard to beat our pricing with the stabilizer, handles, and shipping included).



    For the first time in our company history, we are offering OEM/Wholesale for our BOB BUSTER HANDLES. Over the years, we have had many inquiries from interested people all over the world wanting to set up local distribution points. We hear you! We are offering VERY ATTRACTIVE DISCOUNTS for bulk purchases, which means there are plenty of opportunities for a good profit for potential worldwide resellers.

    If you want to join the SteadyMaker family, and grab a slice of our growing market, now is your chance! Contact us as soon as possible, the early adopters will get a bigger share of the worldwide market. We believe strongly in the potential for the BOB BUSTER Handles as they are compatible with almost all stabilizer gimbal setups out there, and can be used without the need of a gimbal, so there is huge potential for selling here!

    To find out prices and details, please email as soon as you can!

  • Stabilizer Stories – Filming a naked fashion show!

    My name is Stephen, SteadyMaker clients may recognize me as the guy they talk to when buying one of our stabilizers, but I am also a freelance filmmaker! (You can check out my work at I have been lucky enough to use different SteadyMaker stabilizers over the years in many different filmmaking environments, and I wanted to share some of my experiences. I love seeing clients use their stabilizers in all kinds of interesting projects, and I believe we all have unique perspectives to share to the filmmaking community.

    One of my more interesting gigs was filming a fashion show with a difference….the difference being that nobody was wearing any clothes on the catwalk!

    Let me explain….

    The show was a fundraiser for a local charity, funding sex education in schools throughout the local area. In the last few years, the local government had stopped funding for sex education, and this left a problem, that a whole generation of student were receiving no teaching in this area, and with the issues of teenage pregnancies, and the overuse of social media for younger people, it was an issue.

    The charity decided to put on a fashion show, with a big twist….to allow brave people of all shapes and sizes to walk the catwalk for a charity event for a good cause…but without clothes. The idea was to stop shaming body types, to show the ‘true’ face of people….no make-up, no accessories, no expensive outfits, just the human body.

    Surprisingly, they had many volunteers, about 50 people signed up to walk the catwalk. I was hired to film the event!

    This was a unique challenge for me in multiple ways…. I had worked previously with the same client to film another naked fashion show the year before, in 2014…but without a stabilizer, so my shots were generally static shots, filming the models from a tripod, walking up and down the catwalk. The first video was fun, but it didn’t reflect the energy and excitement in the venue to my liking.

    By the time the second event came, in 2015, I had a SteadyMaker Tank PLUS, at the time, the first 32-bit stabilizer offered by SteadyMaker, and my idea was to follow the models as they walked up and down the catwalk in a dynamic fashion.

    The next challenge was how to film the models so I could put the video on social media! With the first video, I filmed the models out of focus, until they were close enough to the camera, then I would focus on parts of their bodies that I could safely film. With this video, as I could follow the models, I had more freedom to choose angles and shots that would keep the video ‘safe for viewing’.

    Here is the finished video!

    What did I learn? Well, it was certainly a challenge in editing….but with a stabilizer I found I had much longer, more dynamic, more usable takes of the models that I could edit, instead of static, blurred shots from a single position.

    Having said that…the stabilizer isn’t the whole video. I believe you shouldn’t rely on a stabilizer too much….the video benefits from an adjustment in tone, and speed, between the interview scenes, filmed with a shoulder mounted rig, for stability, and static shots, and the catwalk scenes, that are dynamic, moving, high energy as a good contrast. If the entire piece was filmed with the stabilizer, it would exhaust the viewer.

    A good technique for walking with a stabilizer is really important…remember, your stabilizer doesn’t solve all your moving stabilization issues….if you are moving fast, then you still need to compensate for the up and down ‘bounce’ that quick movement can produce….so, remain flexible in the lower body, walk with soft feet, and bend your knees….this will improve the image and leave less work in post production.

    Framing and focus will always be an issue…..if you can film in 4k, do it, as you can crop, and adjust your composition in post production, you will have more screen space to play with. Unless you have a wireless remote for the zoom or focus, then set the zoom and focus near infinity, and then worry about reframing in post production, especially in a live event like this, where you don’t have the time and luxury to change lenses, do re-takes, and compose shots too much.

    When I look back, I see plenty that can be improved…this is back in 2015, stabilizer technology has improved (we are now selling our SMG Plus, with free shipping in our online store). My camera technique has improved also since then.

    Do you have any tips, tricks, and techniques to share? Any advice for me? How would you shoot this type of video? I would love to hear about it. Also, if you have any SteadyMaker videos to share with the world, we would love to see them! We have a playlist on our YouTube channel called The SteadyMakers where we share clients videos to the community. Maybe we can add your video to our list, or feature you in a future vlog? Email me at and I would love to see what you make with our products!

    Here is an example of previous clients’ work.

    Look out for exciting SMG Plus news, coming VERY SOON!….



    We are proud to be releasing our latest upgrade to our SteadyMaker family…the SMG PLUS.

    Over time, we listened to our valuable clients’ feedback, and we have tweaked and upgraded the SMG EXTREME, packed with ALL NEW features, including:

    This is our most competitively priced, feature packed stabilizer yet! We are adding components, such as:

    A mini-tripod mount for pre-balancing and setting the stabilizer down between shoots.

    We have created a central handlebar attachment and handlebars in one component to reduce construction time and make setup even more simple.

    We are eliminating the use of tools to make it easy for anybody to set up their stabilizer ready-to-run.

    New, exclusive operational modes, such as a time-lapse feature….imagine the creative possibilities that open up now, introducing a smooth-panning long exposure take to your footage.

    Now including a wired remote controller for easier operation.


    All these fantastic features, and MORE

    The best feature yet….no price increase! We are keeping it the same price as our previous model, but adding a whole host of new features and accessories.  We believe this is the most competitively priced, complete stabilizer solution, and it is a fantastic introduction to the world of stabilizer shooting.




  • “ZHYVY” — A short audiovisual film by Histibe : Behind The Scenes

    Histibe is a Ukrainian audiovisual artist, video director and music producer with over 10 years of experience. He’s also an owner of Vimeo award winning creative label Mask Movement. His project were featured 20 times in the official digital galeries on Behance and published on a number of popular platforms such as Complex, UKF, JAY Z’s Life+Times and Dezeen. Currently Histibe and his team has a list of clients and collaborators both from the video and music world, including Blackmagic Design, Steadymaker, Lensbaby, Foton, Glide Gear, M-Audio, Loopmasters, Arturia, Black Hole Recordings and more.

    SteadyMaker Note: This is an ongoing series featuring collaborative efforts by some fantastic talents around the world. We appreciate the people that use our products and want to encourage creativity in all forms. We dedicate a playlist on our youtube channel to examples of work from creative videographers called ‘The SteadyMakers‘ Go check it out and be inspired!

    In the meantime, here is an exclusive behind the scenes look at Histibe’s latest creation, “ZHYVY”, utilizing the SMG EXTREME. Why not check it out in our shop HERE.

    “ZHYVY” — short audiovisual film by Histibe, which means “LIVE” in Ukrainian. This is a mix of cinematography with modern digital art and music. This project was created in cooperation with two companies: Blackmagic Design and Steadymaker who shared their fresh video equipment for production process of the video.

    The motto of the film says: “Life is the most priceless thing. Don’t be afraid to live in your own unusual way.

    Film starts with a city at night and goes forward with elements of life of different characters, mainly at night time, when different thoughts and ideas come in to their minds. Some of them are musicians, some are DJs, some club heads, some strangers and underground personalities. They might look look odd and different, but it doesn’t matter, because the most priceless thing is freedom and self-expression and you shoud just live. Live in your own way!

    SteadyMaker Note: Thanks again to Histibe for letting us take a look behind the camera and see the artist in action. We hope that inspires you to go make your own films!

    Check out Histibe’s work HERE:

  • No-Stabilizer stabilizer post

    No-stabilizer people, pay attention!

    So, we here at SteadyMaker are all about stabilization, as you may have noticed, and this post is no exception…however, there are times where you want to get steady footage, and you don’t have access to a stabilizer (I know, gasp, no stabilizer!) Here are some no-stabilizer tips and tricks!

    What can I do without a stabilizer?

    One of the fundamental rules of steady, stable shots, is that your body is a source of stabilization. Your body is always going to provide more stable footage than just holding your camera . Having said that, the more points of contact you can provide, the better. For example, two hands on the camera is always more stable than holding the camera one-handed. However, by the same rule, try tucking your elbows in to the sides of your body, flat against each side, from the shoulder down to the elbow. The shooting position may be a little less convenient but your shots will benefit from extra stability, now that you are using your torso as the center of stability.

    no-stabilizer? using your tripodIf you have access to a rig, this gives you more points of contact with thetripod as a rig with no-stabilizer body, for example, a well-balanced rig placed on the shoulder, or a bracing rig extension arm from the waist.

    No rig? No problem. Try using a tripod. You can use it as a monopod and ground your camera. A cheap mini tripod can be used as a DIY temporary rig. Again, the more points of contact with your body the generally more stable your footage will be. Think of your body as an extension of the rig, you can lean forward, back, twist at the hip, bend at the knee for some shock absorbing capabilities. There are all kinds of interesting shots you can achieve with just your body and the camera.

    In the links at the bottom of this article, there are more shot ideas even using your camera strap to add some stabilization. Don’t forget, if you are around any objects, you can place your camera on them for super stability.

    The main point is; whether you have one of our awesome amazing wonderful stabilizers which are now on sale (plug, plug) (we still have to sell our products you know) or you just have your body and your camera….BE CREATIVE. The technology is just a tool to be able to help you achieve your goals, and your creativity is what will shine in your video, not the tools you use!

    Check out more great tips and tricks in the articles below…enjoy your no-stabilizer shooting!

  • Price Discount! Extreme Upgrade! Summer is here!

    Ok….so, summer isn’t quite here…..but we are not a company to sit on our hands and wait around. It’s discount time!

    Deals Galore!

    Now that we have launched our premiere stabilizer, the Mini TANK we wanted to give our growing customer base more chances to shoot in new, unique ways. People all over the world are using our products in ever-more innovative ways, and as our entry-level stabilizer, the SMG EXTREME is still proving a popular item, we wanted to give our customers more ways to use their product. We introduced some great new items in the Mini TANK package, and these items can also help our SMG clients shoot in different ways.

    We are offering a new UPGRADE KIT for the SMG EXTREME that include 3 items for more shooting options and use for the SMG. These products are a MINI TRIPOD STAND that allow for easier pre-balancing, and enable customers to safely put their stabilizer down between shots. The tripod is small and portable, with folding lockable legs and a locking ball joint that enable more shooting options. It can also be used with other accessories, or attached directly to your camera for usage in situations where a portable setup is a priority!

    The second accessory is the all-new THREE HANDLES and HANDLEBAR SETUP that we supply with the Mini Tank as standard. This adds an extra central handle that gives the operator more options for stable usage, especially in inverted mode, and can be attached in different positions to the main handle for more choices in operation.

    Finally, we are offering a SECURE CLAMP and ball joint to enable you to attach accessories to your top handlebar. Shoot with the addition of a mic, a light, monitor, or any other accessories you need during shooting!

    The best news of all… can get all of these accessories for the great price of 90USD with FREE SHIPPING!


    Speaking of great prices….

    We are announcing a significant price drop on our entire range of stabilizers! Now is a great time to order ether our Mini TANK or the SMG EXTREME at our lowest ever prices. Remember, it is only ordering through our official web store that you receive this discount and our personalized pre-balancing and customer support service. We are offering a fantastic 60USD DISCOUNT on our Mini TANK, and an amazing 120USD DISCOUNT on our SMG EXTREME. Grab a stabilizer today at these lowest-ever prices!

    Summer is coming….now is the perfect time to grab a great deal! Happy shooting….


  • Mini Tank Announcement!

    After months of hard work and preparation, and some great feedback from some of our worldwide customers, we are proud to launch our latest premium stabilizer, the MINI TANK. This stabilizer comes with encoded motors ensuring better battery life, and more stable shooting, and comes complete with a wireless remote to allow multiple control options, and an extensive top handlebar section for inverted use.

    There are a number of upgrades, improvements and differences between this and our older top of the range stabilizer, the Tank PLUS, which it is designed to replace, and also some similarities and differences between our other current stabilizer, the SMG EXTREME. The following video will give you a little more information about both our current stabilizers in order to decide which is best for you.

    There are now more ways to use the stabilizer during shooting, such as a unique ‘freeze’ mode where you can lock your camera in any position and hold it there during shooting, which gives for some interesting shooting options, and a mode that switches the roll and yaw functionality. The wireless remote allows a second operator to pull off some complex moves while you just worry about smooth stabilizer use during a take.

    It is a fantastic new addition to the SteadyMaker family!

    the mini tank

    In order to celebrate the launch of the stabilizer, we are giving an exclusive launch price for the first 30 days!

    If you order anytime until March 7th, the Mini Tank is yours for $640USD, a savings of $40 off the regular price! Worldwide shipping is an additional 70USD, secure, fast, and trackable, via DHL.

    SMG EXTREME USERS…we have not forgotten about you! Stay tuned very soon as we also have an exciting new product accessory launch that will improve the use of your stabilizer!

    Buy one TODAY

    We are creating some exciting content, behind the scenes footage, and MORE to share with you very soon with our global partners, so stay tuned for more announcements over the next few weeks to celebrate the launch of our latest and greatest stabilizer, the MINI TANK.



  • The SteadyMakers Profiles: Gerssis David

    SteadyMaker is proud to feature a new profile about an up-and-coming freelance creator and our latest creative partner, Gerssis David. In his own words, from his Instagram profile, he is a ‘Freelance Creative Director, D.O.P and Video Editor‘. Right now he is based in London, UK, but he comes from Portugal.

    Gerssis David

    “What played a big role when I decided to get involved with SteadyMaker, was what they did perfectly well; fostering a relationship with the person that becomes their customer, making us find ways to explain our work, and what we are doing with their products, either how we manage them or even complement and implement them with other products, throughout our work and new techniques, learning more every day.”

    man at work

    When did you start becoming interested in DSLR videography?

    My interest in DSLR videography, or just videography itself, started back in 2010-2011 around when I was 15/16 years old, I had just changed my course in Portugal. I was studying Economics and switched to Audio-Visual Art, but beforehand as an hobby I used to edit football/soccer videos just for fun on Windows Movie Maker. Later on I started editing football videos as a “full time” career. It wasn’t until I got myself in to my second year of school in my Art degree, and was asked by a group of friends if I wanted to direct and edit their first music video. After the first one, another one came in, and another and so on…

    What is the best/worst aspect of your job?

    There’s not really a best or worst aspect of my job to be honest…I really like it. I personally think there’s good and bad clients that I work with. Since I’ve been doing it full time, I can tell that some of the best aspects are when you have full control of what you going to produce. When you are working for a client, my hope is that they will give you all the freedom to take full control; from hiring people, lens choices to picking your own lights and letting you set a budget. It’s actually when they trust you and let you do what you love, and you just have to prove to them why they have hired you. The worst aspect of my job is when you work with people and realize that their visual taste isn’t going to be very productive for their video. At the end of the day there’s not much you can do about it because you are working for them and you need to do everything in the way they visualize it, even if you don’t agree with it. That’s when you need to put your ego aside, because you either lose a very good person you can work with, or a very good connection and reference for future jobs. One thing that I’ve learned is to keep your viewpoint open, no matter how bad you might think the person’s visual opinions are.

    following with steadymaker in the forestDescribe the differences/challenges when working on your type of videography?

    I would say the challenges come mostly with the location and lighting. When you do a corporate job, its not something you need to worry about as much, however, when doing a documentary or a music video or even a wedding sometimes I have zero control of the enviroment. I am a videographer that loves natural light. I hate the feeling of artificial/LED lighting and try to work as much as possible with available natural light. Working with natural light be my biggest challenge because of the need of fast lenses is very important most cases.

    How do you incorporate the SteadyMaker Stabilizer in to your shoots?

    I think since I first purchased my SMG EXTREME my work rate and my videography changed a lot and improved. I basically use it and turn it from a gimbal to a shoulder rig. There’s no one specific way for me to use it, as I’ve seen so many people using other stabilisers and not being able to produce what I can with the SteadyMaker makes feel happy. But what amazes me the most its when people ask me “did you use a stabiliser for that shot?” Yes i did, and I will carry on using it.

    Any shooting tips or tricks for using the stabilizer?

    I totally recommend any user of SteadyMaker stabilizers to use it with both hands. Using it in Inverted Mode makes the camera way more stable and easier to control, and in Follow Mode, I suggest using it much as you can until you master it. I’m still not a master using it, I am still practicing. Practice makes perfect, as they say.

    What do you hope to achieve in the future?

    Right now, my project goals are conquering my first market, based in Portugal as my company is registered there. I am in London, so I will be taking the business from here, and trying to fight for a good place in the videography field in this competitive market.

    Recent Video Examples

    The Feel Good Bakery (Advert)

    The Feel Good Bakery was my second corporate video that I have completed using my SteadyMaker SMG EXTREME. This Advert shows how The Feel Good Bakery tries to support countries they supply their amazing sandwich. It is a company known for work with big agencies, like Velocity; a big Marketing Production Company based in London.


    ProfJam – Xamã (Prod. Lhast)

    In my opinion, this music video is the one I enjoyed shooting the most, not only because of the help that the SteadyMaker gave me to achieve shoots that I was not able to do before, but also for its mobility. This was the project where I explored the most I could from the SMG EXTREME in open spaces, from low to high angle shots and interesting ways of visualizing the shoot I wanted to achieve. (Gerssis is a professional – editors note:)
    This video its about Profjam,explaining to the viewer what he’s trying to become in this music industry. He’s not trying to be a pop star, he’s just trying to be himself, so we go around areas where Profjam can at last be himself without being judged by anyone, having the back of his amazing producer Lhast, we take him on a journey around London, Shoreditch, Canary Wharf tunnel and the amazing Epping Forest. Three very distinct and different locations. Watch carefully and feel it.


    Che Lingo – Stephanie’s Crib

    Once again this is another music video where I found myself testing the SteadyMaker SMG EXTREME, but in a different way, in both tight and open locations. Here the SMG helped me achieve things in a quicker way when I didn’t have time to change my lenses or was not able to put the camera on a tripod (I did not use one for the shoot at all). I loved the flow and the look that the SMG helped me get here.
    This video consists of something that the artist Che Lingo wanted to show the world. His progress in his music career which went from chilling in Stephanies Crib to watch Anime to spending time in clubs with girls dressing in anime style. Take at his “POV” of his life and a trip down memory lane.
    Gerssis David
    CEO, Creative Director & Editor


  • SMG EXTREME 32-Bit Stabilizer REVIEW!

    Our first official review! Thanks to our user Michael. Send him some love and go subscribe to his channel here:

    SteadyMaker Note

    The profile saving that is mentioned at 42 seconds into the video is done via SimpleBGC. This is the interface software to further tweak and adjust the settings/balance of your stabilizer. You can use it via bluetooth with a tablet/computer/phone to communicate with the stabilizer, and also control it remotely, but ONLY USE if you are comfortable with the software and feel confident, or if you really need to adjust your settings, as you can easily make your setup worse, and ALWAYS SAVE the factory settings before doing anything else.



    This review has been done as a part of our review/rebate program. We offer a 60USD rebate, after purchase, in exchange for a video review of our product. We are not offering money for a positive review, the financial rebate is offered to customers who have legitimately bought their stabilizer as an incentive to assess our products, and to compensate a little for the time taken to review the item. We encourage fair, honest, and balanced reviews.
    For more information on the terms and conditions, please check out the following post:
    If you are interesting in submitting your own product assessment, please email us at

    Origional here:

    Don’t forget to check out our full range of stabilizers in our store HERE:

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