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The SteadyMakers Profiles: Gerssis David

SteadyMaker is proud to feature a new profile about an up-and-coming freelance creator and our latest creative partner, Gerssis David. In his own words, from his Instagram profile, he is a ‘Freelance Creative Director, D.O.P and Video Editor‘. Right now he is based in London, UK, but he comes from Portugal.

Gerssis David

“What played a big role when I decided to get involved with SteadyMaker, was what they did perfectly well; fostering a relationship with the person that becomes their customer, making us find ways to explain our work, and what we are doing with their products, either how we manage them or even complement and implement them with other products, throughout our work and new techniques, learning more every day.”

man at work

When did you start becoming interested in DSLR videography?

My interest in DSLR videography, or just videography itself, started back in 2010-2011 around when I was 15/16 years old, I had just changed my course in Portugal. I was studying Economics and switched to Audio-Visual Art, but beforehand as an hobby I used to edit football/soccer videos just for fun on Windows Movie Maker. Later on I started editing football videos as a “full time” career. It wasn’t until I got myself in to my second year of school in my Art degree, and was asked by a group of friends if I wanted to direct and edit their first music video. After the first one, another one came in, and another and so on…

What is the best/worst aspect of your job?

There’s not really a best or worst aspect of my job to be honest…I really like it. I personally think there’s good and bad clients that I work with. Since I’ve been doing it full time, I can tell that some of the best aspects are when you have full control of what you going to produce. When you are working for a client, my hope is that they will give you all the freedom to take full control; from hiring people, lens choices to picking your own lights and letting you set a budget. It’s actually when they trust you and let you do what you love, and you just have to prove to them why they have hired you. The worst aspect of my job is when you work with people and realize that their visual taste isn’t going to be very productive for their video. At the end of the day there’s not much you can do about it because you are working for them and you need to do everything in the way they visualize it, even if you don’t agree with it. That’s when you need to put your ego aside, because you either lose a very good person you can work with, or a very good connection and reference for future jobs. One thing that I’ve learned is to keep your viewpoint open, no matter how bad you might think the person’s visual opinions are.

following with steadymaker in the forestDescribe the differences/challenges when working on your type of videography?

I would say the challenges come mostly with the location and lighting. When you do a corporate job, its not something you need to worry about as much, however, when doing a documentary or a music video or even a wedding sometimes I have zero control of the enviroment. I am a videographer that loves natural light. I hate the feeling of artificial/LED lighting and try to work as much as possible with available natural light. Working with natural light be my biggest challenge because of the need of fast lenses is very important most cases.

How do you incorporate the SteadyMaker Stabilizer in to your shoots?

I think since I first purchased my SMG EXTREME my work rate and my videography changed a lot and improved. I basically use it and turn it from a gimbal to a shoulder rig. There’s no one specific way for me to use it, as I’ve seen so many people using other stabilisers and not being able to produce what I can with the SteadyMaker makes feel happy. But what amazes me the most its when people ask me “did you use a stabiliser for that shot?” Yes i did, and I will carry on using it.

Any shooting tips or tricks for using the stabilizer?

I totally recommend any user of SteadyMaker stabilizers to use it with both hands. Using it in Inverted Mode makes the camera way more stable and easier to control, and in Follow Mode, I suggest using it much as you can until you master it. I’m still not a master using it, I am still practicing. Practice makes perfect, as they say.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

Right now, my project goals are conquering my first market, based in Portugal as my company is registered there. I am in London, so I will be taking the business from here, and trying to fight for a good place in the videography field in this competitive market.

Recent Video Examples

The Feel Good Bakery (Advert)

The Feel Good Bakery was my second corporate video that I have completed using my SteadyMaker SMG EXTREME. This Advert shows how The Feel Good Bakery tries to support countries they supply their amazing sandwich. It is a company known for work with big agencies, like Velocity; a big Marketing Production Company based in London.


ProfJam – Xamã (Prod. Lhast)

In my opinion, this music video is the one I enjoyed shooting the most, not only because of the help that the SteadyMaker gave me to achieve shoots that I was not able to do before, but also for its mobility. This was the project where I explored the most I could from the SMG EXTREME in open spaces, from low to high angle shots and interesting ways of visualizing the shoot I wanted to achieve. (Gerssis is a professional – editors note:)
This video its about Profjam,explaining to the viewer what he’s trying to become in this music industry. He’s not trying to be a pop star, he’s just trying to be himself, so we go around areas where Profjam can at last be himself without being judged by anyone, having the back of his amazing producer Lhast, we take him on a journey around London, Shoreditch, Canary Wharf tunnel and the amazing Epping Forest. Three very distinct and different locations. Watch carefully and feel it.


Che Lingo – Stephanie’s Crib

Once again this is another music video where I found myself testing the SteadyMaker SMG EXTREME, but in a different way, in both tight and open locations. Here the SMG helped me achieve things in a quicker way when I didn’t have time to change my lenses or was not able to put the camera on a tripod (I did not use one for the shoot at all). I loved the flow and the look that the SMG helped me get here.
This video consists of something that the artist Che Lingo wanted to show the world. His progress in his music career which went from chilling in Stephanies Crib to watch Anime to spending time in clubs with girls dressing in anime style. Take at his “POV” of his life and a trip down memory lane.
Gerssis David
CEO, Creative Director & Editor



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